2015 – Chi Fan for Charity, The Giving Tree Shanghai, Stepping Stones China, The World Academy of the Future of Women China, Heart to Heart Shanghai, Battle of the Bands Shanghai,  and Tukod Foundation’s Child’s Right to Play in Manila.

2014 – Chi Fan for Charity, The Giving Tree, Community Center Shanghai, Heart to Heart Shanghai, Shanghai Young Bakers,

2013 – Heart to Heart, Home Sweet Home, Chi Fan for Charity, Active Kids Sports (AKS), Community Center Shanghai,

2012 – Baoji XinXing, Beacon of Love, Chi Fan for Charity, Community Center Shanghai,

2011 – Chi Fan for Charity, The Giving Tree, Chi Heng Foundation, Compassion for Migrant Children, Heart to Heart Shanghai, MOrning Tears, New Hope Foundation, Bethel Foundation, Japanese Red Cross

2010 – Rural Women, Morning Tears, Shanghai Breast Cancer Network, Prevention through Education

2009 – The Dandelion School, The Shanghai Breast Cancer Network